Hello!! Nice to meet you. We are HIDE & PEKO. Thank you for coming to our official website.

We are the professional Salsa dancers being active in Tokyo, Japan. We were happen to see Salsa Dancing in 2010 for the first time and we have been learning it around the world since then.

In 2018, we went to Canada and did training there. And after that, we started "HIDE & PEKO Dance Company" and working with this company. So many world class and amazing dancers give us many methods and techniques for us and we have been working to keep to teach and give these high level Salsa dancing.

So first, please check our class programs and choose our classes with what you want. If you have any question, please feel free to ask to us!!

Welcome to our salsa company and have a nice life with this fun dancing!!

Clothes and Belongings​

● Wear clothes easy to move


When you would like to take our classes, please come with taking some clothes easy to move. The thing we can see your body line is better. If you feel easy to move, it's OK to wear the clothes like jeans. in almost all of our classes, you are going to sweat so you should bring extra shirts for changing.

● Some beverages

​● Towel (if you want)

● Dance shoes or some sports shoed you can use inside

In Japan, almost all of the studios don't allow to take the shoes using outside. You can take with socks but it's totally better to take Latin Dance Shoes, Jazz Shoes and some dance shoes or some sports shoes (No Rubber Sole).

About Admission Fee

You don't need to pay admission fee for our company.

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