The system of 

​HIDE & PEKO Dance Company's classes

Open Class is held with the members who come to this class at each time. It means there are different people in each time and so many kind of ages.
Each class you can learn different steps and you can pay at that time, this class is good for the busy people.
Now we have Open Class only in the event as like Workshop.

You can learn from HIDE and PEKO directly!! If you want to learn salsa and improve skills with individual goal, purpose and level, this class is good for you. We can focus on only you so you can learn many and detail staffs which cannot reach in group classes. 

We are doing the class of team with our choreography and you can perform on the stage!! There is some of the team belonging to our company
​If you want, you can get the opportunity to perform at international salsa congresses.

Closed Class is held with the members who registered and pay monthly fee. The members are always same so you can learn more technical staffs and details about Salsa. They are divided with some themes, levels and goals. Also the choreography class and teams are in the same systems. This class is easy to join in the community and make friends!


You can perform with your instructors!! If you want, you can compete ProAm division also.

We choreograph for our students and practice in the private classes with the package.

Once in a month we have been holding "HIDE & PEKO 2 Hours Workshop". The system of this class is open class so anyone can join in this class. 
Every time we choose the theme of this workshop and you can learn higher level and more intensive steps than normal classes.
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