”HIDE & PEKO Dance Company"
HIDE & PEKO establish the company in September, 2018.

​Introduction of the teams

You can do training world class training and performing on the stage not only in Japan but also world Congresses.

​ On1 Team 

2On1 team established in January, 2019. Almost all of the members had no experience to perform when they belonged. Now they have been working hard and gradually get skills and growing as a team. 


・J Latin (Japan Salsa Congress) 2019 (2019.10)

・Dance Orchestra @Tokyo Big Site (2019.8)


​ On2 Team 

This team was established in Jan, 2019 and is dancing On2 Style. 

Team members have many experiences of performances and they are working hard to get and learn the style of HIDE & PEKO. They already debut at national and international big congresses.


・King & Queen Latin Dance Festival (2019.12)

・J Latin (Japan Salsa Congress) 2019 (2019.10)

​・Taiwan Salsa Carnival 2019 (2019.10)


​ Amelia 

"Amelia" is the Ladies Shine Team produced by PEKO and it was established in Oct, 2018.

The every half of training in the class is basic staffs and the members are working hard so we can see their progresses. We are looking forward to seeing their future!!


HIDE Men's Shine


This team produced by HIDE was established in Sep, 2018. 

There are not so many Men's shine team in Japan and this team is so popular in Japan salsa world!!

The members are working hard to get cool and powerful men's styling and steps.   

We participated and performed in one of the best Asian Salsa Festival in Taipei!!

Our students are working hard for national and international competitions. In this photo, our students competed in Pro-Am divisions.

If you want to join in our team, first you should learn our basic staffs and styles so you need to take our monthly closed classes (Master Class). If you want any information for it, please send us a message.

​Company Event

Our closed classes of our company are held less than 12 members to keep the good quality of the classes. We want our company members enjoy their Salsa life with making friends with this attractive dance so we are producing some community events. If you want you can join in such these events. 

2020 HIDE & PEKO Dance Company

New Year Party​

​We hold one Salsa event "Sunday Salsa Experience" with DJ Maco10. Many people who is in our company and out of our company have been coming to this event. The purpose and theme of this event is ; "nice to beginners" so if you have experience or not that much of Salsa dance, you can join in this event and enjoy Latin world. If you are interested in this event and want some details, please send a message to us.

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